My studio is where the results of my preparation come to fruition.

One thing I do is collect a bunch of stuff that I think I might use in a future shoot. I collect furniture, clothing, accessories, props, and just about anything that MIGHT someday be useful in a Fetish photoshoot.

Rusty metal parts, machines, wooden crates, ripped non-fetishy clothes, tarps, ribbon, kitchenware, hardware, linens, gloves, masks, belts, groceries, pipes, and anything I think I may use, even though its Fetish potential may be hard to imagine.

But my gears turn, and my mind imagines things, how each thing I collect might be turned into something exciting, something artistic, something useful during a Fetish session.

Don’t get me wrong, my studio is tidy, not completely cluttered with a bunch of crap…I have a large enough studio that I can have a lot of things I’ve collected at my disposal without it getting in the way, or even being within sight.

So when you see something in an image I’ve created, you might think of its long and winding journey, and how it ended up in my possession to be used to make Fetish art for you to enjoy. 🙂


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