I used to shoot exclusively black and white photographs. I think this was important, because it allowed me to learn about the importance of tones, and form, and shading, and composition. When I started shooting in color I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I felt that the use of colors allowed me to expand my visions. Now I’ve heard some say that a hallmark of my work is my use of color. I don’t like to think that I have only one distinguishing factor, but it’s interesting that people see that. I like to think that I just use whatever tools, or palates, that work best for the particular image…and that is black & white sometimes.

The term “black & white” is obviously misleading for the type of work I’m talking about, as is the term “monochrome”. In fact, I think “monochrome” is even a worse term in that regard…it implies there is only one tone, when the point of a “black & white” image is the use of a continuum of gray tones. I would say “grayscale” is the most accurate term for this type of work, since it acknowledges the multitude of shades of gray.


So perhaps I could call a series of pieces “50 shades of gray”! And it would have nothing to do with the fan-fiction book which has introduced a ton of people to the world of BDSM (and uses an “e” instead of an “a”)…but maybe it would also introduce a ton of people to my work as well, and that would be okay, I guess.


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