I need to discuss my art or my models fairly frequently. So I’m necessarily referring to my subject…which is (avoiding terms) a “female person”. Not wanting to call them a “person”, I either use GIRL, or WOMAN. But which is it? And what makes it one or the other?

Obviously ALL of my models are 18+, so don’t even go there, or you’re kicked out of my blog! But many of my models are 18, 19, 20 years old…and yet I shoot 25-30 year-olds too. Of course every female person is different, and would have a different age where they feel that transition comes. But it’s not that simple, because the use is also contextual. Women say they’re hanging out with “the girls” and I often say I’m hanging out with “the boys”. On the other hand, when describing myself as strong, reliable, and capable, I’d say I’m a man, and may refer to someone of the other sex with those qualities as a “woman”…regardless of age. But what if there’s no context, or I’m describing a model whose picture shows both sides of her.

“Girl…you’re a woman now…” Or are you?

People (girls/women) have their preferences. Some people ONLY want to be called a woman, and may feel put down if called a “girl”. Others may love being referred to as a “girl” as it denotes a totally different vibe, one that they may resonate with in some way. Some may be okay if another female says it, but not a male! There are so many factors. Someone over 60 may see EVERY female under 30 as a girl!

So for me, I change ‘on the fly’, and try to use whatever vibe I’m getting as my guide, and go with whatever feels most comfortable. I could make this post 10 pages long, but in short…girls, if I call you a woman, take it as a compliment…and women, if I call you a girl, take it as a compliment! LOL

Alright, I gotta go hang out with the boys now, and do some manly stuff.

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