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• Near Southern California?      • Enjoy Fetish Art?      • Over age 18?

Ren03cIf you are curious about being a part of my artwork, I may be interested in working with you. I work with a lot of first-time models, as well as professional models, and you’ll feel completely comfortable either way. My studio is my own, which means it is secure, clean, private, and fully equipped to produce the quality of images you see here.

You don’t need to be perfect to do this. As long as you have enthusiasm, are in pretty good shape, and reasonably attractive, you should not hesitate to pursue this experience. Even those requiring anonymity can model without showing their face (as in the image to the left here).

Remember: You don’t need ANY experience to do this. In fact, I often prefer working with people who have never modeled (or modeled in this style) before. So I especially want to hear from you.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. Be sure to share some pictures of yourself, either by uploading them below, or sending them to the email address given, or indicating where they can be seen online. Since the shoot includes (at least above waist) nudity, please provide pictures that show your complete figure. Please inquire only if you are serious about doing a photo shoot, are comfortable with (at least above waist) nudity and the fetish themes you see here, and are reliable enough to be on time to any commitments you make. Thank you.

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