There’s a band that I really like to play in my studio during a photoshoot. Now obviously I don’t just play one band the whole time, but my point is that a certain kind of music will alter the environment. So I do have a playlist called “photoshoot” that I add to and delete from over time, and it basically has the right music to help with my shoot. The band I mentioned, by the way, was “Buckcherry”. Their music has a lot of energy, and it seems really ‘honest’ to me, like a ‘real’ rock band…just some dudes up the street that played in their garage when you were a little skateboarder punk and rolled up to see what the commotion was all about, and saw some guys having a really good time.

I don’t know what music other photographers play in their studio, but I have had models tell me that they really like the music I play, and that most other photographers play all the same pop/hip-hop stuff. I’m not going to argue that one type of music is better than another (at least here!), but I have my thing, and I go with it, and some people appreciate it.

One train of thought says that since I shoot “fetish”, the music should be dark and mysterious and sexy. And I do have some of that kind of music in there, to a point. But it’s also important to keep everyone’s energy up, so I make sure it all has at least a certain amount of vivacity. It’s almost like a combination of art and science to ‘craft’ a setlist to shoot by…much, in fact, like the act of creating the photographs themselves (it’s an art, but also a science…the science supports your artistic expression). So it would make sense I see music the same way.


I wish there were more hours in the day, because I’d love to be able to find new music, and add more good stuff to my list, more than I do. But I have what I need, and I do find time to add a new tune here and there.

The music may not directly dictate how I shoot, or how I feel, or whatever. But it’s a backdrop, a soundtrack, and it deserves at least some consideration. I wonder if there are bands out there that look at my images and are inspired to play and record good music…and then I hear their music and am inspired to create art! Like the “circle of inspiration”!!  LOL  I don’t know, but a fun thought. Well, if Buckcherry wants to use my art for their next album cover, I hope they know where to find me!!  😉


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