This image is the result of my very first Fetish photoshoot. Yes, really! I was a fine-art photographer, shooting on black-and-white film (yeah, remember that stuff?), and developing the film and prints in my own darkroom. Among other things (such as still-lifes and landscapes) I had been focusing on nudes, mostly in nature (I’ll show you some of those in another post later), but I hadn’t mixed in any Fetish themes at all until this shoot. I didn’t jump into Fetish photography exclusively at first, and other things drew me away from this type of work…but inevitably I returned, and I haven’t looked back since. Well, I’m looking back now…just for a moment.

I love the simplicity of this, the ‘innocence’ of it, if you will. And of course it takes me back to that moment, and that time in my life. If you read my previous post, you saw an image that is just the opposite of simple, so I guess it’s only right to balance things out by showing this. At some point I’ll do a post about my evolution through photo technologies, and my photography in general. But for now, this is just a reminder, a milestone, of my path. And what a winding path it has been!

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