People are always asking me where they can get prints of my artwork. I love that. But since I didn’t offer prints on my site, and didn’t have a relationship with a print-fulfillment place, I would have to tell them that they couldn’t get prints. Obviously I didn’t like disappointing them, but the options out there weren’t acceptable to me, and I hadn’t set up a way to buy them on my site.

Well, finally I can tell you that I WILL be offering prints for sale on my website very soon. The store will be integrated seamlessly into my website. I have it up and running on my test site, and it looks and works great…so it should be a simple matter to do the same on my real site. Since I use the same equipment as some of the big print-fulfillment places, I feel good about the prints I can offer…in fact, having direct control over the production makes me feel even better than leaving it up to others.


I will offer prints on photo paper in two sizes, and I’ll also offer Giclee prints in the larger size on 100% cotton ‘velvet finish’ fine-art paper (acid-free, archival, museum-quality, quite a lovely paper that really bring something extra out in the images). This way I can offer options for those seeking a finer print, and for those on a budget.

Look for this option soon, you’ll simply notice one extra word in the menu…”shop”. I’ll be working hard to get it up there ASAP. In fact, as soon as this post is done. Which is right now.  🙂

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