I have been doing more on social media sites:

Facebook:  facebook.com/mishkaart
Twitter:  twitter.com/mishkaart
Tumblr:  mishkaart.tumblr.com
Pinterest:  pinterest.com/mishkaart
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/mishkaart/

And on some of the sites I used different names…primarily “MishkaStudio” and “MishkaArt“.

But I’ve been unifying to MishkaArt as it explains more clearly what I’m about. Sure I have a photo studio, but that is just a means to an end…the end being the artwork I create for you.
So those user names that weren’t already “mishkaart“, have been switched over. I’ve updated all the links I can think of…but if you run across any links that don’t work because they don’t say “mishkaart”, please let me know.

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